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Indonesian Green Bean

Indonesian Green Bean

KOPEN Coffee well known as coffee bean exporter, who exports coffee beans across the globe. Our green coffee beans are fully natural and harvested with a 100% chemical free process. In this way, we can ensure we provide our customers the health benefits of the best washed coffee.


Our traditional approach has been refined over the years :

  • We select the red cherries and avoid the ripe ones for a well prepared sun-dried coffee
  • The picked cherries are spread on beds and left to dry for 9 to 11 days with morning and afternoon sun at a moisture level between 11.5% and 12%.
  • The coffee is then washed and converted into pulp using a natural fermentation process over 72 hours to remove the mucilage.
  • Finally the pulped coffee is exposed to the natural sun and stored in a dry warehouse free from contamination.


Our company specialize in these multi-origin green beans and we are experienced in different kind of processing methods to accommodate our buyer’s specifications. These methods includes :

  • Semi-Wash Process (Wet & fermented).
  • Fully-Wash Process (Wet & fermented).
  • Natural-Dry Process.
  • Honey Process.


We supply various Arabica beans which originates from :

  • Central Java (Mt. Sindoro and Mt. Sumbing)
  • East Java (Banyuwangi, Mt. Ijen, and Jember)
  • Aceh (Gayo and Takengon)
  • Flores (Bajawa)
  • Toraja Sulawesi (Kalosi and Mamasa)
  • Bali (Kintamani)
  • North Sumatera (Lintong and Mandheling)
  • Papua (Wamena)


And Robusta beans that we supply includes :

  • Central Java
  • West Java
  • East Java
  • Lampung
  • South Sumatera
  • West Sumatera
  • Jambi
  • Bengkulu
  • Flores

The characters of the Arabica coffee that we supply includes:

Central Java Temanggung
Temanggung, Central Java offer special Arabica coffee with the odor of tobacco and strong bitter taste. It’s so authentic and different from coffee from other places.

Java Preanger (West Java)
Considered as the ‘legend’ coffee of Indonesia for its clean and unique taste profile. Available in a variety of rich characteristics such as: mocha aromas, soft fruity aromas, mild acidity, medium body, cocoa aftertaste, nutty, etc.

Sulawesi Toraja
Rich flavor, bright and fresh natural aroma, floral and fruity notes, caramel sweetness, moderate body, complex acidity.

Bali Kintamani
Fruited sweetness, citrus aroma, orange peel, light body.

Flores Bajawa
Medium body, citrus, chocolate and nutty, tropical fruit, woody, medium body.

Sumatera Mandheling
Earthy richness, dark chocolate, heavy body, spice and fragrant.

Sumatera Lintong
Sweet tones, caramel, heavy body, rustic profile.

Aceh Gayo
Fruity aroma, medium acidity, wonderful rich body.

Papua Wamena
Fruity aroma, clean flavor with great body, mild chocolate, sweet aroma.


The characters of Robusta coffee that we supply includes:

Java Robusta
Mild and sweet with an aromatic light body.

Sumatra Robusta
Have a strong taste, bold and heavy body.

Flores Robusta
Have an aromatic medium body.


From selected ripe coffee cherries, we process them to fine selected green beans which are ready for roasting. We are able to supply our coffee as roasted beans or ground coffee powder in various roasting levels as required (light medium, medium, medium dark, dark roast). See here for details.



Product Name : Green Coffee Bean
Origin : Indonesia
Variety : Arabica/Robusta
Grade : A, B
Cultivation Type : Common
Processing Type : Wet process. Mostly produced by estate, small quantity produced by Small Holding Farmers
Shelf Life : 1 year
Packaging : 50/60kg jute bag
Loadability : 1 x 20 FCL = 19.2 Tons
MOQ : 500 Kgs
Supplay Quantity : up to 100 MT/month


Robusta Coffee Beans – Grade 1, Screen 18

Moisture : 12.5% Max

Foreign Matter : 0.5% Max

Black & Broken Beans : 2%

Above Screen 18 : 90%


Robusta Coffee Beans – Grade 2, Screen 13

Moisture : 12.5% Max

Foreign Matter : 1% Max

Black & Broken Beans : 5% Max

Above Screen 13 : 90%


Arabica Coffee Beans – Grade 1, Screen 16

Moisture : 12.5% Max

Foreign Matter : 0.5% Max

Black & Broken Beans : 2%

Above Screen 16 : 90%


Arabica / Coffee Beans Grade 2, Screen 13

Moisture : 13% Max

Admixture : 1% Max

Black & Broken Beans : 5% Max.

Above Screen 13 : 90%