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About Us

Coffee producer, trader and exporter based in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

PT. Kopi Anak Negeri (KOPEN Coffee) is a coffee producer, trader and exporter based in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. KOPEN was founded in 2018 as a small shop with the main business of supplying commercial grade coffee beans to major domestic roasters and traders alike. We want to support Indonesian coffee farmers to live well by directly buy the coffee from them, and to produce the highest quality of Indonesian green bean and roasted bean for local and international market.


Coffee is the most important agricultural commodity that sustains the livelihood of millions of Indonesians and brings the largest foreign exchange earnings of the country. Coffee was first brought into Indonesia in year 1699 by the Dutch. In year 1711 they started exporting coffee from island of Java to Europe and extending their production into other parts of Indonesia.


Today, Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world with average yearly total production of more than 700.000 tons. Robusta and Arabica are the two main varieties of coffee that are grown in Indonesia with production composition of 85% Robusta and 15% Arabica. Indonesian Coffee is well known for its rich and strong flavor and their unique characteristics have placed them among the finest coffees in the world.



To be a leading multinational coffee company, renowned for the high quality of its products and processes and committed to continuous improvement.



Sell and export top quality Indonesia green coffee bean and roasted bead to the coffee market from all the world. Contribute for the foreign currency earnings of the country and provide above average returns to shareholders and farmers.



Customer Centered – Seek to understand and enhance the value our customers.
Relationship – We approach our customers and suppliers as equal, long term partners seeking mutual benefit
Trustworthy – Under a warm and open atmosphere, we approach our associate & business partners with humility, honesty and enthusiasm.
Quality – We are committed to produce quality product and service.