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5 mistakes in brewing Your Ground coffee

Indonesian Ground Coffee Supplier – Currently, coffee has entered the era of the Third wave of coffee. Coffee has become a mandatory thing for consumers to consume. In addition to quenching thirst, coffee can provide energy for connoisseurs. Different coffee, different brewing techniques. There are 2 ways of brewing coffee, namely by manual and machine. But usually, coffee connoisseurs prefer manual brewing because it is simpler and does not require electricity as a supporting tool.

This brewing technique is chosen depending on the needs of the coffee you want to make. For example, if you’re going to make espresso coffee, or use espressos such as cappuccino, latte, or americano, you need an espresso machine. Because it requires high water pressure and finely ground coffee grounds to create one shot of coffee concentrate, but apparently, espresso can also be made using manual tools, you know! Here’s a manual brewing technique that you must try at home.

Manual Brewing Techniques You MUST Try

As a coffee connoisseur, it’s not enough if you don’t have a manual brewing tool. Besides being cheap and can be used for a long time, you can also use this tool at home without having to waste electricity, haha. But you need to know, yes, every brewing technique has a tool that creates variations of coffee. So, before buying the brewing equipment, first, determine what kind of brewing method you want to use. Kopen gives you an anti-complicated manual brewing technique reference that you can try at home.

V60 or Pour Over

V60 includes a pour-over brewing technique or brewing by flowing hot water with ground coffee grounds on filter paper. With the method of steeping slowly and using a gooseneck kettle or gooseneck kettle for a more constant pouring of water. In addition, things that need to be prepared such as ground coffee that has been coarsely ground, 90-degree hot water, filter paper, a v60 ceramic cup, and a scale so that the measurements are accurate. The brewing time is usually 1 minute or 2 minutes, depending on the brewing technique you use.

Vietnam Drip

Want to enjoy a cleaner milk coffee? You should try this brewing method. This Vietnamese brewing method is very easy and the ingredients needed are easy. Vietnamese Coffee itself in Vietnamese is “cà phê sữa nóng” which means brown dark coffee with milk. The brewing tool used is a Vietnam dripper, this dripper is in the form of a metal glass (made of stainless steel) consisting of a filter tube, plunger, and cover. This tool is quite simple and the price is also affordable. You can make it an option for brewing at home. In addition to the dripper, the ingredients needed are medium ground coffee and sweetened condensed milk. The brewing process is about 4 minutes.

French Press

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This manual brew has become a favorite brewing for home coffee connoisseurs because apart from being affordable, this tool is also easy to use. The French Press consists of a cylindrical tube, usually made of glass or clear plastic. It is fitted with a metal or plastic cap and a plunger that fits inside the cylinder and is accompanied by a sturdy wire or nylon mesh filter. The grind size of the coffee used for the French press is coarse or coarsely ground because if it is finely ground it will seep through the filter and the brew will mix with the coffee grounds. In addition, coffee that is ground too finely can also make the coffee too bitter due to over-extraction. The brewing process using this tool only takes 3 minutes.


Manual brewing is suitable for those of you who want to make coffee quickly and the coffee produced is similar to espresso. However, unfortunately, if you use this brewing tool, you can’t brew large amounts of coffee. The ground coffee used for this tool is medium grind size. In addition to the tool, you also need to prepare a special Aeropress filter. The Aeropress method usually does not occur Over-Extraction, because after the coffee is submerged in water for about 30-60 seconds, the coffee will be directly pressed and then filtered through the filter paper located at the bottom of the tool. So the taste is made bold and has an acidic taste (sour taste mixed with sugar content in coffee which produces a sour taste like fruit acids) and of course, the aftertaste is cleaner.

Tubruk (Accidental Coffee)

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You will often find the brewed coffee method wherever you drink coffee, such as angkringan or coffee shops. Ground coffee is also very Indonesian coffee, you know! The brewing method also requires no tools, so this method is always preferred. However, if you are used to drinking clean coffee, you have to get used to these ground coffee grounds. The grind size used for this coffee is usually fine or finely ground. Since the smaller the powder will sink more easily and can be enjoyed immediately, the resulting flavor will also be stronger. Indeed, the finer the grind, the more bitter it will taste if it is over-extracted, but it will not taste as long as the drink is not cold.

It turns out that there are many manual brewing methods that you can practice at home. From those who use tools, to simple tools at home. However, regardless of the method, there are a few things you should pay attention to before brewing coffee. This seems trivial, but it really affects the taste of the coffee you make.

5 Common mistakes in brewing coffee

Brewing coffee has become a routine for coffee connoisseurs. The term no caffeine, no booster aka coffee has become a filler for the audience. Brewing coffee also has several ways, ranging from manual tools to automatic tools. But regardless of the brewing technique, if you don’t pay attention to the little things that will affect the taste, your coffee will definitely be far from delicious.

Ignoring Roast Date

When you want to buy roast beans or ground coffee, it’s better to ask first when the roasting date is, OK? Maybe this looks trivial but it will affect the taste of the coffee, you know! the coffee is still fresh and delicious the coffee was harvested about six months ago and has been roasted within a few weeks.

Too Much Sweetener

Are you a coffee lover without sugar or with sugar? If so, you should give it according to the right dose, yes. Because giving too much sweetener also affects the taste of coffee. In addition, too much sugar is also not good for health. This can be a trigger for diabetes. Wow, really really enjoy

Ignoring the Brewing Ratio

Novice coffee connoisseurs, sometimes ignore the ratio in brewing coffee. Moreover, if you use a brewing machine, it is recommended that the coffee ratio is in accordance with the predetermined so that the coffee created is delicious. Surely you are familiar with the 1:18 ratio, how do you read it? According to experts at the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association in America) the ratio reads 1 gram of coffee to 18 grams of coffee. Each coffee has its own ratio. So it’s better to find out first the right ratio for your coffee, huh?

Incorrect coffee grind size

Did you know that different brewing methods require different grind coffee? Just like a fork and spoon, brewing tools and grind-size coffee are also created in pairs, especially for manual brewing that uses filters. For example V60, you have to choose a medium grind size. If you choose a fine grind size, the resulting coffee is unclear and the coffee grounds are difficult to filter.

Save and Use Clean Tools

If you want fresh and long-lasting coffee, you should pay attention to where your coffee is stored, OK? Avoid exposure to sunlight and use an airtight container or jar. In addition to storing, you also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of your brewing equipment. Because if it is not sterile or clean, it will greatly affect the taste created.

Well, it turns out that from very trivial things such as storing coffee to the roast date, it becomes something that must be considered when you want to brew a cup of coffee. But don’t worry, Kopen coffee always includes the roast date on the packaging and of course, the coffee you order at Kopen is roasted so that the coffee smells fresh and delicious. So, now you can just drink coffee at home without having to leave the house. Even though it’s economical, believe me, homemade coffee is more delicious, you know! So, which manual brewing package do you want?


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