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Benefits of Black Coffee Without Sugar

Life is incomplete when we start the day or move without consuming this caffeinated drink. With various types of coffee and their respective characteristics, such as black coffee, it has been a daily habit of Indonesian people for a long ago. You could even say that coffee has become a lifestyle that cannot be abandoned.

According to data from the World Coffee Organization (International Coffee Organization / ICO), coffee consumption worldwide has increased by 44% over the last thirteen years. Connoisseurs are not only the elderly, Millennials and Gen Z also claim that this one drink must accompany them when completing tasks or deadlines so that they are more literate and increase energy. Especially now, coffee has many variants that you can choose according to your taste or make your own at home by mixing milk, palm sugar, ice cream, or adding sugar.

Benefits of Coffee for Health

In addition to adding energy, coffee also has good benefits for health if we consume it according to the dose because consuming it in excess will also have an impact on your health. As a coffee connoisseur, KOPEN friends should know the health benefits of a cup of coffee that you drink every day, namely:

Prevent us from cancer

Most people consume coffee in order to relieve drowsiness or improve concentration. But it turns out that coffee can also make you avoid cancer, you know! Mentioned that women who consume more than three cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk by 20 percent of developing basal cell carcinoma (BCC) than women who drink less than one cup per month. It is stated that regular coffee consumption can have a major impact on reducing the risk of melanoma-type skin cancer. Even so, you don’t have to increase coffee consumption to reduce the risk of these cancers. The most important thing is to protect yourself from UV radiation produced by the sun.

Improve the mood that is restless

Besides chocolate, it turns out that coffee can also lift your mood. Research shows that caffeine can prevent brain receptors from responding to stressful situations, which means that if you like coffee, you will avoid feeling anxious or stressed. A study published by the Archives of Internal Medicine explains that women who consume 2-3 cups of caffeinated coffee per day have a 15% less risk of developing depression compared to women who consume 1 cup of coffee or less per day. Meanwhile, women who consumed 4 or more cups of coffee per day had a 20% lower risk of developing depression.

Streamlining digestion

Friend Kopen sometimes finds it difficult to defecate. Try coffee consumption, the content of coffee can help. Research shows that drinking coffee can increase the urge to defecate within 20 minutes after drinking it because after drinking coffee the muscles along the digestive tract will experience contractions, an activity is known as peristalsis. The increase in muscle contraction causes a laxative effect that causes digestion to be smooth.

Well, if you already know the benefits of coffee in general, then you are even more convinced to consume coffee. However, there is still a limit to consuming it, Friend Kopen! In a day, you should not consume more than 6 cups of coffee because it can have a negative impact on cardiovascular risk or heart disease. So it’s safe guys because too much is not good.

Sugarless Black Coffee? Why Not?

black coffee

Talking about coffee, you must be familiar with black coffee without sugar. Usually, these coffee connoisseurs are already high-level coffee connoisseurs, because they really enjoy coffee without any additional ingredients. But, are the benefits of black coffee without sugar the same as coffee in general?

Black coffee keeps you away from diabetes

Diabetes is a disease caused by high levels of sugar in the body. If not controlled, this disease can cause complications of other diseases. That’s why reduce the causes of high sugar such as eating too much rice or adding sugar to your coffee excessively. Let’s switch to black coffee without sugar.

Black coffee is more delicious without sugar

Some people, maybe not be used to enjoying coffee without sugar. Even though coffee without sugar is a way to enjoy real coffee because you can enjoy the taste of coffee in every sip. Besides that, you also save sugar of course.

Strengthen memory

It turns out that black coffee without sugar makes us far from senility, you know! Caffeine content can affect the way the brain works when it wants to remember something, so the brain does not need to command when it wants to remember something, but the caffeine content can stimulate the brain to remember something that may be forgotten.

Wow, it turns out that coffee without sugar also has benefits, yes! Actually, Kopen’s friend can replace sugar with other sweeteners such as honey or cinnamon. However, it will definitely change the taste of coffee to be more unique. Black coffee or contemporary milk coffee, it’s just as delicious depending on the quality of the coffee. Because the higher the quality, the more delicious the coffee will be, and not all premium coffee is expensive, you know!

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